I founded the company in 2002 after seeing an extreme need in the marketplace for a consumer advocate. After more than a decade, the vital importance of this role has only increased, as customer confusion continues to be a profitable mainstay for the utility industry. We understand that you still need a trusted advocate to help you navigate the competitively deregulated marketplace and handle the important details of your electricity contract.

It is our mission to understand every aspect of the energy industry while simplifying your decision making. We know that electricity is a major expense, so we help you to be the very best steward of your limited resources so that you can focus on your primary business, whether it is educating kids, creating jobs, building stuff, or saving lives. Every member of our team has been selected for their heart to serve others, and we never take for granted the level of trust you place in us.

If you have been diligent enough to read this letter, you find a lot more great stories on the leadership role we have taken in our industry, crafting consumer protection laws, fighting against industry abuses, and serving the needs of our clients. We still place value on relationships and the great things you will tell others about us. I hope you will give us the opportunity to earn your business.


TJ Ermoian