Off-site wind and solar. For the first time ever, public customers, including State agencies, municipalities, universities and school districts who use the State energy contract have a clear method to compare and procure long-term, wholesale renewable Power Purchase Agreements, or PPAs. These PPAs provide greater value in aggregated purchasing power, and Texas public customers can potentially secure some the lowest fixed energy rates of any state. Texas’ abundant sun and wind resources have made off-site, utility-scale renewable energy highly cost competitive with traditional power sources, and can provide an effective hedge against inflation and price volatility.

Texas Energy has partnered with the non-profit Rocky Mountain Institute, whose experienced team and members have secured over 90% of the large-scale PPAs in the nation during the last 2 years, especially for Fortune 500 companies and university systems.

Federal solar energy tax credits are scheduled to begin decreasing in worth by the end of 2020. Texas Energy has partnered with some of the largest electricity users in the state who are ready to diversify their energy portfolio. Investors seeking those tax credits are want municipalities and schools with financial stability and long-term vision. There are no construction costs, maintenance or rooftop space necessary on your part. You may also qualify for the added benefit of having a small-scale, on-site solar living classrooms useful in teaching sustainability, math, science, engineering and economics, aligned with state teaching and testing criteria. If you also have land available or could benefit from solar collectors that double as covered parking, you can buy even cheaper on-site power without delivery charges.