From Holistic vs. Compartmental to Empowerment vs. Relief - there are basic principles to genuine neighborhood and community transformation. While many organization, student groups and churches do various one-day activities for the under-resourced areas of Waco, unless the residents in the community being targeted are involved, these efforts are generally unsuccessful. 

In this TEA Talk, Jimmy will share inspiring stories and insightful tools on how to help build the community you want to live in. 

Jimmy Dorrell is co-founder and Executive Director of Mission Waco.  His passion for the poor and mobilizing the middle-class to become involved in the lives of the poor became the strategy for Mission Waco that continues today. Through their weekend poverty simulation, over 25,000 participants have experienced and learned more about the realities of local and global needs. Volunteerism, the “Other Side of Waco” tour, hands-on activities with programs and other options have helped develop more compassionate understanding and engagement. 

Mission Waco/Mission World has worked from a Christian community development and empowerment model for almost twenty-five years. With a staff of 65 caring men and women, not only have numerous programs been developed all over Waco, but significant change in the “Near North Waco” neighborhood has emerged from their economic and community development model. Programs for the unemployed, homeless, low-income children and youth, addicted, uninsured, and those needing legal help have been created. North Waco has also seem an entire blighted area near N. 15th St. and Colcord Ave be revitalized with an award-winning restaurant (World Cup Café and Fair Trade Market), the Jubilee Theatre, and now the developing non-profit Jubilee Food Market that will provide healthy and affordable food in the food desert area.